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I’m John Stevenson, owner of, the premier Internet Marketing and Advertising Agency in the Phoenix area. We specialize in Phoenix SEO and targeted local internet marketing that’s getting fantastic results for businesses just like yours.

Our websites and the websites we manage for clients are using a proven formula that is currently producing thousands of first page results in the Google search engines. We’re experts at ranking for local and national keywords that get thousands of targeted searches and produce new customers for our clients every day.

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We operate differently than most other Phoenix SEO companies because we do your work ourselves. We don’t outsource your work to other companies or counties and we don’t have any extra expenses or overhead that just ends up costing you more money. We’re able to offer you the same (if not better) results that the big companies offer at a fraction of the cost.

The days when ranking a website was as easy as throwing keywords everywhere on your site are long gone. Google is constantly coming up with stricter ranking criteria and changing their “top secret” search engine algorithm.

As far as getting to, and staying on top of Google search rankings, it doesn’t happen by accident. We’re ranking websites on the first page of the search engines every day so we’re absolutely on top of all of the latest changes in Google. If you’re website isn’t on the 1st page of the Google search engine results, you’re losing money to your competitors that are ranking above you. The good news is we can help you get to the top…and stay there.

(One question on the minds of many of our customers is ethical SEO services. You can find out more about how we stay on the cutting edge of today’s SEO without crossing into the grey area here!)

Business is absolutely booming in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe, and all over the Phoenix metropolitan area. Is your business positioned to take advantage of the economic growth? One of the absolute highest ROI (Return On Investment) for your advertising dollars is search engine marketing.

Advertisers are currently paying Google almost $4 BILLION dollars a MONTH in 2014 to position their business. However, with our Phoenix SEO service, we can get you the same high quality customers that businesses are paying a fortune for…at a fraction of the cost.

Also, we can provide you with high quality, Google optimized web design, business consulting, reputation management ssocial media marketing, email marketing campaigns and much more.

Please fill out our discovery form, or pick up the phone and give us a call at (480) 524-1660.

If you have a business in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area, and you would like more customers, please take advantage of our affordable, expert SEO services.

Local SEO consulting has been an essential part of online advertising and almost every large successful business has already incorporated it into their marketing strategy. In fact, many businesses thrive ONLY on the customers that find them in Google search engine results.

If you want to be #1 in Google, and dominate YOUR competition, please fill out our discovery form or pick up the phone and give us a call at:                 (480) 524-1660.





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