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Microchip THIS!

September 26th 2006 14:30
Category: Cutting|Edge
Like something out of a sci-fi movie isn’t it? There must be a lot of fiction associated with this kind of thing from the regular penile implant paranoid delusional nutcase ‘Help me! They just came and did it to me man! It’s the government, they’re every where!’ to the regular Joe who’s completely indifferent to it all.

Microchip's can be incredibly small, implanting them would be a breeze
Advocates of human micro chipping say it will streamline everything and de-clutter our lives, no more plastic in our wallets by way of credit cards, Medicare cards, library cards, your very own lease on life ala your local DVD rental card etc. They do forget the biggest draw card, you can even leave your pants at home, who needs pockets? Proponents naturally argue that it takes away our privacy.

Actually there is more to it than that, you forget the vulnerability to hacking, imagine being ‘hacked’ and your information being completely corrupted as a result, you won’t know for sure until you swipe yourself through for a medical checkup for instance and your details indicate your a 98 year old leper, needless to say any convenience in not having to wear your pants will be outweighed by this little ‘glitch’.

While the benefits are there and no doubt are many, the risks in my opinion far outweigh any minor gain. The potential to get hacked is bad enough however considering the chip itself can fail on its own and the health risks it possesses if such a thing occurs will be terrible.

Remember 'Total Recall'?
The psychological state of the person being implanted is another major hurdle that needs to be overcome. If they are psychologically unstable they might cut themselves open to get the chip out which of course won’t be good for them. Mass analyzing people for such instabilities in their minds or the possibility of such instabilities hitting them anytime in the future would be a monumental task.

Religious reasons are also another impediment to advocators of human micro chipping. Taken from a ‘reliable’ source:
“Some Christians are concerned about the ramifications of human chip implants. The Bible talks about the "Mark of the Beast" in Revelations 13:16-18, to be placed on one's forehead or right hand, without which one cannot buy or sell. One interpretation of these verses is that it may describe implant chips that could be used in a cashless society.”

Yes, those poor people who advocate human micro chipping are being hit left right front and center aren’t they?

Human Barcode
I'm willing to give it a shot, but it should never go this far
I don’t think the concept of micro chipping humans is at all bad within certain concrete boundaries. Imagine you go on holiday to a Ski Resort up in the mountains. You don’t have skis and snowboards so you have to hire them. You also have to pay for food at the local restaurants. Do you really want to be chugging along your wallet with your collection of plastic cards, keys and the like everywhere? How about you just get micro chipped and the chip can store the amount of money you have and everything’s done and done from there on in. It can store some of your personal information such as name, contact details, the room of hotel your staying at and even act as a ‘key’ for your hotel room (you really don’t want to end up in this guys situation).

I’m not saying that is the only use for micro chipping humans though, what I am saying is that if it is used carefully it can be useful, that is simply an example. I don’t think we are quite ready yet (if we ever will be) to jump full board and be micro chipped for life from birth, the technology doesn’t exist and even if it did we are more concerned about our privacy from an already ‘busy body’ governments we are under than having our credit cards implanted within ourselves.


*First image from

**Second image is a partial screenshot of 'Total Recall'

***Third image taken from 'Hitman: Blood Money

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7 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Giraffe Boy

September 28th 2006 12:06
Arnie rocks!

Comment by Jay

September 28th 2006 12:09
Total Recall? Awesome film. The best bit is when Arnie escapes from the chair where they're about to brainwash him - SMASH, CRASH, BASH!!

Sorry for posting all this inanity on your Blog

Comment by Ahmed

September 28th 2006 16:07
no thats fine, atleast so long as someone is I'm happy

Been awful quiet around here lately

Comment by Anonymous

August 24th 2009 22:24
I think its all very creepy and sounds like some powerful organisation wants to control every person in the world. Consider the possibility of them randomly turning it all off. You risk losing everything you posess and ur identity. if it is used as a key to places you'd be stuck on the streets. on top of that u'd have no money for food or clothes or anything.

Comment by Anonymous

March 16th 2010 00:56
Even the editor of this article doesn't know proper grammer (your instead of you're). Go back to 1st grade English. Geez.

Comment by Anonymous113

March 21st 2010 22:09
Nazis was marking/labeling Jews in camps during WWII and today 60 years later ppl are willing to undergone same marking but a bit advanced, to be chipped like sheeps voluntarily .

People are stupid and we deserve what will come in every way (not just chips, look around world around you).

I think that funny thing is that in totalitarian state ppl would fight against shit like this, but today with impression of freedom, they are accepting willingly shit that they would otherwise oppose.

Hell, what JW Goethe said is so true "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. "

Comment by AwesomeAnonymous

April 8th 2011 04:43
To hell with micro chipping, its nothing but another way to control ppl, seriously, they started doing it in Mexico/Spain where some people are unable to get jobs without one of those god damn chips. And that would be fine except we "need" money thanks to this sadistic system they created. If people really cant see any of this stuff, then my god we're doomed. >____>

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