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Hello and welcome to I’m John Stevenson, the owner of Techy Bytes Consulting. We specialize in search engine marketing and ranking business websites on the 1st page of the Google search results.

To close out the year, we’re bringing back our “Free SEO Program”. The details are below, but first I’d like to briefly discuss how SEO can help your business grow in 2016.

Maybe you’ve tried SEO before or currently have an SEO company working on your website optimization for you. The reality is that if you aren’t on the 1st page of the Google search results for the most important keywords in your local market, it’s costing you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue each and every month. To make matters worse, that revenue is going directly to your competitors.

If you haven’t tried SEO in the past or you’re not entirely sure what SEO is, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website easier for the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) to find and also letting them know what your website is all about.

The search engines use a complex algorithm to determine which websites are the most relevant to the requested search term and that’s how websites are ranked in the results. You might have the most relevant business or website based on a search term, but it’s possible that the search engines may never find your site because it doesn’t have the proper optimization. And if the search engines don’t find your site, your potential customers aren’t going to find it either.

I think you’ll agree that when you’re looking for a product or service, you probably start your search on the internet by typing in a couple of words describing what you’re looking for. This may lead you to exactly what you want, or you might end up typing in a few different words to view some different results.

This is how I find things on a daily basis and almost everyone I know does the same thing. So if your business website isn’t coming up when those searches are being made in your market, those customers go directly to your competitors. No matter what business or city you’re in, there are hundreds if not thousands of people searching for your exact product or service every month.

The type of high quality SEO Techy Bytes offers is extremely effective in ranking websites on the first page of Google. And typically we don’t just rank your website on the first page, but we are also able to rank your Facebook page, Twitter page, Yelp page, a Youtube video and other properties on the first page as well. As you can imagine, this type of first page domination is VERY effective at bringing new customers and revenue into your business.

The type of SEO work we do is “Google friendly” and has stood the test of time against Google’s latest penalties and algorithm changes. We don’t outsource our projects to other agencies or far away countries like many other SEO companies. I personally spend hours every week studying what changes Google is making to their algorithm and what direction they are heading in 2016. Our sites and the sites we manage for our clients have been doing extremely well since Google’s last big update and are well positioned for the HUGE changes Google has planned for the upcoming year.

We’ve recently re-launched a test program where you can get your SEO services for a substantial discount or even for FREE. We’ve made it our mission to help as many businesses as we can in 2016, and it’s going to be huge year on the internet with some big changes on the way. Although the internet is a massive source of business, it can never replace word-of-mouth and referrals. That’s why I’ve launched this test program that encourages my happy clients to spread the word about their SEO results and reward them with BIG discounts on their SEO service each month.

Free SEO Program

For every NEW client that you refer to Techy Bytes, you will receive $1,000 as a credit towards SEO services.

If you know enough people, or enjoy networking you can spread the word and get your SEO at a substantial discount or even FREE. And yes, if you refer enough people in a month, the credit will carry over to the following month. And, there’s no limit as to how many people you can refer.

Of course the referral credit is just our way of saying thank you. The real benefit to you is the increased sales, revenue and profit that your business will see in 2016 from the additional traffic your website will get from our expert SEO service.

If you’re ready to get your website on the 1st page of Google or you would like more information, just fill out the short Discovery Form to help us learn more about your business and what you would like to accomplish. Once you have completed the discovery form, we’ll run a complete analysis on your website and the competition. Once that’s completed (typically within 24 hours), we’ll set up a brief call to go over the analysis and answer any questions you may have.

If we determine that our service would be a great fit for your business, we’ll prepare a custom quote for SEO services based on your needs and goals.

That’s it. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you, while still ensuring that our service is custom tailored for YOUR business and YOUR website. We don’t have any cookie-cutter rates or standard SEO plans. Your business is unique and your SEO needs to be unique as well. In this business, one-size-fits-all is definitely not the way to get the results you deserve. Also, we don’t have any long term contracts. We offer our services on a month-to-month basis so you’ll never be locked in. Go ahead and fill out the Discovery Form to get started today.

There’s no-cost, and no-obligation for your website analysis and initial consultation. And the information you submit is held strictly confidential. If you want 2016 to be your best year ever, go ahead and get started.


You can also feel free to contact me directly on my cell phone at (602) 725-7263.
Please leave me a message if I don’t answer and I’ll get back to you shortly.

PS – Don’t wait to take advantage of this offer. We can only take on a limited amount of new clients and once we have reached capacity, we’ll have to stop accepting new clients until 2016. The last time we ran this offer, we filled all our open spots in just a few weeks.

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