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The State of Orble

July 27th 2010 19:01
Category: News, How it Goes
Has anyone else noticed all these problems poping up on Orble while support and whom ever else actually "runs" orble is on summer vacation.

*Themes & certain Layouts don't work in certain current browsers (Chrome, IE)

*Orble Support doesn't respond.

* No one can explain the "The Ranking system".

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Comment by Carole Anne Franco

December 14th 2009 00:42
Does Orble really have that many problems? I just joined, even though I knew it was 50% shared revenue and that I can get better out there, because it seemed like at least Orble was established and the karma system brings about some sense of community.

This, I thought, would help me get more readers. However, if there are really as many problems as you claim, it may be best to just jump ship.

I also noticed some spam in the business section (like 30 posts with similar titles, all with the same content) and of course reported on of the posts with the hope that whoever is in charge will realize what the person is doing.

I don't know if I have a point'd suck if a blogging platform I just joined would be doing badly.

Comment by Journeywoman

December 14th 2009 02:02
Aside from the minimal support I've always found Orble to be a good platform. But yes, the recent lack of traffic stats has been getting annoying, and there are a lot of spammers on this network......... not time to jump ship yet, but if things don't improve within the next few months I may have to.

Comment by Morgan Bell

December 14th 2009 04:18
and no xmas party this year . . .

Comment by jkund17

December 14th 2009 05:55
But ya..don't get me wrong people...I love Orble and I think its the best Blogging network around..but..Orble needs a blog of status to let "us" know whats going on...and thats part of the problem...cause if things don't improve..orble will start to shrink it hasn't already..

Comment by Chris Champion

December 14th 2009 09:50
It's a tragedy. A lot of people have worked hard over a long period of time to try to build their blog's visibility and readership, all in the good faith that Orble would continue to support its members, and to grow and improve.

What we've got instead, it seems, is a ghost town.

I, for one, feel hugely let down. I can start again elsewhere - thanks for the tip about Tumblr, I'll have a look - but what happens to our domain names? And what happens to the 18 months I have invested in Orble-based blogs?

Comment by signals

December 14th 2009 15:28
You're right. In the years that I've been here I've never gotten spammed. Now they're all over. Still I like this site. I didn't care much for Tumblr.

Comment by jon

December 14th 2009 21:12
Hi Guys -- the servers are being upgraded and that always causes a few issues. I'm working with the ISP to have them resolved. Once it's all over we should have much faster loading times.

Traffic stats will be back today -- this issue was again caused by the new server upgrade.

Spam has always been a problem on Orble and it's no worse now than it's always been -- it comes and goes in patches as spammers find Orble, and then give up after a while when all their comments are removed. The only other option is to ban anon comments across all blogs. If you see spam please click on the report button.


Comment by jkund17

December 15th 2009 06:51
Hey Jon thanks for getting back to us..And that makes sense and all..But you should really warm bloggers next time..instead of leaving every body guessing..and some bloggers havn't stats since Oct and its now Dec..But thank-you for clearing things up...

Comment by Jason King

December 15th 2009 19:14
Support got back to me about the stats issues in a couple of days and spam has been annoying and around since I joined. But I am pretty sure this happens wherever you are.

Always from Australia? Not so sure about that, those silly Aussies

Being an Orbler is like having a relationship. It takes a huge investment of time and dedication and there is always going to be up days when everything is peachy and then there is down days like when some film pirate idiot posts a million films to download.

For those of us that love our sites then we have to grin and bear through the issues until things go peachy again.

But if more people leave I can move up the writing ranks so bring it on

Comment by Journeywoman

December 15th 2009 22:25

Comment by Mountain Fog

January 26th 2010 04:12
Hi jkund17,

got your commewnt on my site, tanx, and the time that this problem has spanned over seems way too long, I also notice some people get prompt responses from admin, others like me do not! Not a great way to run a site frankly.

cheers and I'll give that site a look too.


Comment by Steve Gann

February 28th 2010 16:01
Sure it's frustrating when the site goes down, but Orble has given me 3 great domain blogs and I'm making money without having to worry about site maintenance.

As far as blog stats, slip an invisible Statcounter code at the top of your blog and you will always have stats 24/7

Comment by jkund17

March 1st 2010 07:24
Oh I'm not worried about blog stats anymore. And I love Orble, But I'm just basically posting orble bugs. To get the word out there i guess..

Comment by Samantha Elley

March 21st 2010 07:39

Comment by Paul

March 21st 2010 07:46
I've had problems for weeks - unable to give or receive votes. Very frustrating, especially when trying to extoll Orble to new users.

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