How to Recover from the Google Panda Penalty

Panda Penalty RecoveryThough the Google Panda update isn’t fresh, not many have yet mastered or figured the algorithm change completely. In fact, since hard data is not easy to locate, it becomes difficult to figure whether one’s website or blog has been hit by the Google Panda penalty. As a result, recovery becomes an even bigger pain. Sometimes, it can take a skilled SEO expert to dig into your site and determine if there is a penalty and what’s the cause of it.

The Panda update was just one of Google’s several algorithm iterations (similar to Google Penguin penalty) that penalized several hundred sites for their low-quality content and excessive SEO optimization. In other words, the ones who indulged the most in black hat SEO techniques were hit the most.

Follow these steps to recover from the Google Panda slap.

Quality content – As cliché as it may sound, good-quality content is still relevant and is not going anywhere soon. Quality content is not just proper grammar and spelling, but the posts must also have targeted keywords sprinkled in. A post without proper keywords is not worth the effort and time since people won’t be able to find it in online search results.

Eliminate low-quality content – The Panda update doesn’t take low-quality content lightly and it is, therefore, very important to get rid of them or work on existing poor-quality content to help your website rise above the mediocre status. Low-quality content can be any post that’s not long enough, not researched well, and isn’t based on reliable resources.

Duplicate content – It’s no trade secret that unoriginal posts hurt a website’s search engine rankings. Besides, the website hosting the subpar content also loses its online reputation. This means Internet users who’ve had a bad experience with a site or found the website loaded with uninspiring content in the past won’t bother to click the site link even if it appears in the search engine results.

Learn SEO – For people wanting to become a professional blogger, learning SEO is a must. Without SEO knowledge, one will have a very unpredictable future as any further search engine algorithm changes can hurt their career, thanks to their inability to rise out of the pit. Knowing SEO basics not just helps with getting started, but it also lends all the necessary skills for survival in the long run. If you don’t have the time or desire to learn SEO, Techy Bytes can provide expert seo to your business.

Social media promotion – Most people miss out on this point and as a result don’t truly reap its potential. A website or web page’s popularity on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help with faster indexing and enhanced rankings.

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